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Invocations of Christ Sophia: Live Event

Stepping into the Mysteries of Sophia with

spoken word, live ambient sound,

whole self healing, and personal process

Saturday, February 18, 1 - 5 pm, PT,

at a private home in Sebastopol, CA.


Diana Kelly and Dan Morse will be invoking sacred space

for the healing energies of Sophia Christos

to help ignite our inner Divine Spark

This is a maiden voyage for Diana and Dan, who have come together to magnify their involvement in the mysteries of Sophia Christos.

Dan's new book The Divine Spark Within: Excavating the Mysteries of Sophia and the Deep Christ is a groundbreaking dive into these mysteries. Diana has been engaged in a decades long initiatory process of embodying the wisdom and resonant frequency of Divine Sophia. Together, they will invite you into these treasures. This is an opportunity to welcome the sacred vibrations into our bodies and into our collective field as they work in each of us in their own unique way.

This four-hour event at a private home will include: 1) an overview of Sophia and why she is so significant at this time, 2) a sound healing journey with Diana's invocations and healing energies accompanied by Dan's live ambient sound vibrations, 3) time for personal process and sharing, and 4) some expressions of beauty and love from the ancient traditions of Sophia, Christos and the divine fire of transformation that kindles within each of us.

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