Song 11

Updated: Sep 5

The Wedding Song of Sophia

The Maiden is Light’s Daughter; On her the Kings’ Radiance resteth.

On the Crown of her Head the King Throneth.

Her Bridechamber shineth with Light pouring forth scent of balsam and sweet herbs.

With Kingly Clothes shall they be clad, and put on Robes of Light.

– from a gnostic fragment, translated by G.R.S. Mead, Echoes from the Gnosis. Notice how similar this is to the ecstatic divine love poetry of Song of Songs.

In his commentary, Mead writes, “…I have taken [this Song] as a subject not so much for its intrinsic merits, as because it affords an opportunity to set forth some information on that great mystery which was in antiquity generally known as the Sacred Marriage.”

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