Song 13

And I hid myself in everyone, and showed [myself] forth in them.

And all acts of thinking desired me and sought me,

For it is I who have imparted image unto the eternity;

They were misshapen, and I changed their forms into (temporary) forms until such time as the entirety should be formed.

It was through me that the sound came to exist.

And it is I who put breath into my own.

And I injected the eternal holy spirit into them,

And I ascended and proceeded into my light.

I [bore fruit] down upon my branch, I sat [in the seed within the] children of the [eternal] light.

And [brought them to] their dwelling place. Amen!

– First Thought in Three Forms or Trimorphic Protennoia, circa prior to AD 350. Nag Hammadi, MS NHC XIII. From Layton, Bentley; The Gnostic Scriptures, 1987. Note: text represents words from the “Afterthought” or the Sophia who extended into the lower worlds from the Higher Sophia (who is known as Thought, Holy Spirit, or Great Emanation.) Interpretation support: “imparted image” – implanted Light. “I changed their forms” – from an original creator god human creation that then was implanted with Sophianic spirit of Light. “sound came to exist” – meaning essential sound as an expression of supernal Light vibration.

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