Song 17

My bridegroom, be comforted. I have engaged myself to you in my highest love, and in my faith [have I] bound myself to you. I shall be with you in all the days to the end of the world. I shall come to you and make my dwelling in you in your internal choir. You will drink from my fountain, for I am now yours and you are mine. – Boehme, The Way to Christ, I/51, p. 62.

This is from a dialogue that Boehme recorded between the soul and Sophia. Boehme is considered the father of Western Sophiology due to the depth of familiarity he had with this celestial phenomenon through what he claimed were visions of direct illumination from the Holy Spirit and Sophia. From Sophia-Maria, A Holistic View of Creation, by Thomas Schipflinger, Weiser, York Beach, Maine, 1998.

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