Song 18

This Epinoia, leaping forth from him (the Boundless Power), and knowing what was the will of her Father, descended to the Lower Regions and generated the Angels and Powers, by whom the world was made. And after she had generated them, she was detained by them through envy, for they did not wish to be thought the progeny of another. As for himself he was entirely unknown by them; and it was his Thought (Epinoia) that was make prisoner by the Powers and Angels that had been emanated by her.

Referenced by G.R.S Meade in, Simon Magus. Mead notes; “The mystery of Sophia-Epinoia is great indeed, insolvable in is origins; for how does that which is Divine descend below and create Powers which imprison their parents? It is the mystery of the universe and of man, insoluble for all but he the Logos itself, by whose self-sacrifice Sophia, the Soul, is finally freed from her bonds.”

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