Song 22

Trimorphic Protennoia First Thought in Three Forms, Nag Hammadi Codex, ~ 2nd century AD.

Now when the Epinoia (indwelling spark/Sophia) of the Light (Christ) realized that he (Yaltabaoth) had begged him (Christ) for another order, even though he (Yaltabaoth) was lower than she (Sophia), she said, “Give me another order, so that you may become for me a dwelling place, lest I dwell in disorder forever.” And the order of the entire house of glory was agreed upon her word. A blessing was brought for her and the higher order released it to her.

And the great Demon began to produce aeons in the likeness of the real Aeons, except that he produced them out of his own power.

Then I (Christ) too revealed my Voice secretly, saying, “Cease! Desist, (you) who tread on matter; for behold, I am coming down to the world of mortals for the sake of my portion that was in that place from the time when the innocent Sophia was conquered, she who descended, so that I might thwart their aim which the one revealed by her appoints.” And all were disturbed, each one who dwells in the house of the ignorant light, and the abyss trembled. And the Archigenetor of ignorance reigned over Chaos and the underworld, and produced a man in my likeness. But he neither knew that that one would become for him a sentence of dissolution, nor does he recognize the power in him.

[Note: This highly obscure and profound book found in the Nag Hammadi collection (XIII) may have been a sacred text to accompany an initiatory baptismal ceremony, and it is because of this that I am including it as one of the Songs. First Thought refers to the divine feminine aspect of the trinitized emanation known as Protennoia which is associated with the Higher Sophia/Holy Spirit, sometimes called Barbelo. (Ennoia is a figure associated with this “lower” aspect of Sophia). The text refers to three times that this First Thought descended into this mortal material realm. One of these descents came in the form of the Christ Logos who joined with the mortal Jesus. The full text includes reference to five lines that are missing, which is preceded by Christ/Logos saying, “Now behold! I will reveal to you my mysteries…” Some speculate that these lines were excluded on purpose and that it was some magical rite involving “five seals” of the human initiate. I am highlighting this section of the text as a Song of Sophia as it appears to be a rare sacred rendering of the highly obscure drama of the entrapment of Sophia by the “Archegenetor”. It also refers to where the creation of man lies in the scope of this great cosmic drama and how the potential within us, that is far greater than the Archegenetor, “would (eventually) become a sentence of dissolution” for this being.]

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