Dan Craig Morse, MA, MFT has been a student of the Depth Wisdom Tradition for over 20 years.  Dan's research into the Gnostic texts offers a unique window into what was going on in First Century AD as well as what was likely to have been the more original content of the teachings of Christ and his inner circle.  Dan's research into the early French Gothic Cathedrals has shed new light on how the early Gnostic texts, particularly the Pistis Sophia, helped to inspire the designers of these Temples For "Our Lady."  Dan works with Depth Psychology, Present Moment Awareness as well as what he calls Fifth Dimensional (5D) Counseling (5Dcounseing.com)  to help people increasingly embody their Higher Selves, which then acts as the resource for deep healing.  Dan provides counseling support resources to Military Families as well as runs a Sebastopol 5D Transitions Support Group, now in its fourth year. 

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The Sophia Project

In me there shall be

nothing that is not light...

Reclaiming our divine spark within

and I was clothed with

the covering of my spirit.

25th Ode of Solomon

The Sophia Project

Holy, Holy, Holy...

Oh, Divine Mother of All,

Behold, you are beautiful!

The Sophia Project is a fluid, ever unfolding outgrowth of one man's search

for the Garden of Eden, to reclaim that unbounded joy I once felt as a child.

I do not pretend to represent anything other than my own subjective experience,

as this is really all I can truly know.

However ...   Also... 

The Sophia Project is a canvas onto which

the Cosmological Drama of The Divine Sophia can be painted

and to where her lost beauty, her forgotten songs

and her loving guidance can be more easily accessed.  

Come, my love, let us go into the field.

Sophia is a figure of such signficance to the our Cosmological History,

largely forgotten, but whose exile from our awareness is ending,

and her return is upon us.

Welcome Back, Oh Great Mystery,

welcome to the buried treasure within. 

I will be posting some of my research that I have gathered over the years, primarily from the great texts of Gnosis, such as The Pistis Sophia, The Books of Jeu, The Nag Hammadi Library, as well as from many of the world esoteric sources that carry this lineage of the Divine Mother of Light. 

Sophia is the Divine Feminine Source who was edited out of

the earliest Christian writings. 

Reclaiming these teachings and this cosmology is

to reclaim ourselves as carriers of the Christed Form.

I strive to ground the Search for Sophia within

the deeply rooted Wisdom Traditions

that help give ballast to modern sources of High Teachings

which can often be led astray by ego or negative archetypal interference.

Below is one face of Sophia, Mother Alchemy, as she sits on the central pillar, in the central entrance, chest high, to greet all who enter Notre Dame Paris, Temple of Our Lady.  May she guide us through these transitional times.