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Cultivating Sacred Relationships

Supporting Conscious Growth

for Couples

with Diana Kelly and Dan Morse

Sacred Relationship Coaching

Diana Kelly and Dan Morse offer support and guidance for couples who seek to create more flow in their love connection. 
We bring conscious awareness to Feminine - Masculine dynamics that are being brought to light more now, in this era of women’s empowerment. How to move with the dance of these two energies is one focus that we bring to sessions.
We work with an effective communication process that brings a stable forum for airing difficult emotions and their expressions. This Mirror Process helps to slow down what can be seen as cycles of conflict such that we can begin to address the underlying issues that are at play in that conflict. 
We are not doing psychotherapy and if issues arise that might be better addressed in therapy, we can offer referrals for that. We do work with a model of Psycho-Spirituality that works with one’s inner sense of self as it relates with the broader world of the sacred, also called the divine. We offer insight, reflection, process and giving specific tools as part of Sacred Relationship Coaching.
Relationships are a powerful catalyst for Soul Work and Diana and Dan act as psycho-spiritual midwives and birth coaches for each person and the relationship itself to grow and become more empowered on many levels. 

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