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The Sophia Project

Reclaiming The Divine Spark Within

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“Dan Morse has written a treasury of insight and illumination. The Divine Spark Within is many things - engaging storytelling, revelation of deep truths, retelling of hidden parts of our history and a practical guide to ultimate self-realization.” - Darren Starwynn, O.M.D., bestselling author of Awakening the Avatar Within

The Divine Spark Within

Excavating the Mysteries of

Sophia and The Deep Christ

By Dan Morse


Buried beneath 2000 years of Christian history and theology are treasures that offer rare insights into who we are, where we came from, and how we might fulfill a latent potential that has been a birthright from our very beginnings. 


In this exposé and guidebook, depth psychotherapist and Gnostic scholar Daniel Craig Morse, MA, MFT, presents a long-lost Creation Story featuring the tragic and heroic Goddess Sophia. According to an ancient portrayal of human origins, this heavenly emissary played a key role in seeding into us a Divine Inner Spark.


Inspired by a lifelong exploration into the Sophianic mysteries, Morse draws from recently recovered ancient texts to excavate from the 1st-century CE a New Revelation of Wisdom. This revelation originated from a spiritual mystic he identifies as the Deep Christ, whose teachings and influence extend beyond the confines of how Jesus is portrayed in the New Testament.


Among the Excavations of The Mysteries of Sophia and The Deep Christ:


  • A radical, compelling thesis about the lost teachings of Christ.

  • How the Creation Story of Sophia is a guide for our soul’s journey and a map for how humanity can progress through these transitional times.

  • A “Bridal Chamber” meditation and prayer process that can help foster the activation of our Divine Spark.

  • A revelation by the Deep Christ of how humanity has for ages been subjected to a largely invisible system of control by otherworldly overlords.

  • Recovered teachings of an enigmatic figure, Simon Magus, from Christianity’s extensive campaign of character assassination against him which offers a key to accessing the transformative teachings of the Deep Christ. 

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Welcome to this portal into the Mysteries of Sophia.

May we be open vessels to remember her hidden treasures.

The Story of Sophia spans many eras, many cultures, many religious movements. From the Jewish mystics of Shekinah, the Taoist lovers of The Mysterious Female, to the Persian, Jewish, Ismaelian, and early Christian gnostics, this figure of struggle and light has taken on many forms. She weaves through the Old Testament books of Wisdom and Solomon, is hinted at in some New Testament books, and she makes a profound appearance in many of the recently recovered books of gnosis in the Nag Hammadi Library.

This website is a canvas on which I am working with the light and shadows of a mystery tale. For much of my adult life, I have been tracking the mostly forgotten story of an enigmatic figure known as Sophia where I have traversed through the swamps of my unconsciousness, periodically catching vistas of a new world of immense joy.

The Sophia Project tracks a story of tragedy and beauty, suffering and ecstasy. It speaks of ancient times when great emanations of light and brilliant beings filled the heavens. This is also an investigation into our current transitional age where the Mythos of Sophia is like a guiding cairn that beckons us onward across rocky uncharted territory.

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