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List of Abbreviations and Text Web Addresses

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

To accompany the new book, The Divine Spark Within

The Gospel of Thomas

​Abbreviations reference quotes taken from texts

published on the listed websites.

ActJ: Acts of John

AJ: Apocryphon of John, translated by Frederik Wisse

AJ-D: Apocryphon of John translated by Stevan Davies

Allo: Allogenes

AP: Act of Peter

APa: Apocalypse of Paul

APe: Apocalypse of Peter

AT: Acts of Thomas

BTC: Book of Thomas the Contender

CGP: Concept of the Great Power

ES: Exegesis of the Soul

Eug: Eugnostos the Blessed

FstAJ: First Apocalypse of James

GE: Gospel of the Egyptians

GM: Gospel of Mary

GP: Gospel of Philip

GR: Great Revelation

GT: Gospel of Thomas

GTr: Gospel of Truth

HA: Hypostasis of the Archons

IE: First Book of IEOU

LPP: Letter of Peter to Philip

NHL: Nag Hammadi Library

OS: Odes of Solomon

OW: On the Origin of the World

PS: Pistis Sophia

RA: Revelation of Adam

SJC: Sophia of Jesus Christ

ST: Second Treatise of the Great Seth (Bullard and Gibbons)

TN: Thought of Norea

TP: Trimorphic Protennoia, First Thought in Three Forms (Turner)

TPM: Thunder, Perfect Mind

TSS: Three Steles of Seth

TT: Tripartite Tractate


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