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Sophia and AI

The name Sophia has become more popular with the advent of a humanoid robot who goes by this name. When our local Science and Non-Duality man Maurizio Benazzo interviewed her on the SAND stage a few years ago, I noticed some awkwardness, even dystopian eeriness. Yes, this is eerie. Especially when considering that the name Sophia is also associated with a divine being whose story in the texts of gnosis has so much to do with the miracle and potential of we humans as being carriers of a divine inner spark of Light.

We are living in a time where science fiction is meeting reality. In November, a new AI program ChatGPT now can write articles and school papers in a way that is causing major disruptions in our educational system. But this is really the tip of the iceberg that has been building for many decades, bringing us to a crisis point of the magnitude of our climate crisis.

The tech industry clearly is unable to manage its own ethical responsibilities of overseeing the impact it is having on our culture. And the whole phenomenon called "transhumanism," where we humans are increasingly being plugged into cyberspace is something that need not be left only to rabid conspiracy theorists.

It is phenomenal that some 1700 years ago, texts made available only in the last 50 years record some strange teachings by the infamous Jesus Christ where he warns about exactly what is happening now and to some degree, what has been happening to us for much of human history. If this is not science fiction then it might only be discussed on late night AM radio. And yet, unpacking the deeper teachings of this Gnostic Christ figure along with his divine feminine counterpart offers us some of the most significant insights into this existential crux of human evolution.

As Carl Jung wrote to Freud in 1911, "This is a time full of marvels and ... we are on the threshold of something really sensational which I scarcely know how to describe except in the Gnostic concept of Sophia." Like our choice point around climate change, we are also at a fork in the road regarding our relationship between an organic development of ourselves as Children of Light, or do we let the bot worms eat more and more into humanity until it is too late.

Setting fear aside, indeed, not letting fear cripple our ability to respond, there is no danger in so far as we are able to maintain a relatively constant attunement with the frequency of Divine Light Emanation.


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