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The Human Liberation Movement

Here is an excerpt from my book. (p. 164 in the current June 2023 edition)

The Human Liberation Movement

The idea that humanity could be liberated from the insidious control and manipulation by some advanced but nefarious deities is an outrageous idea. However, this idea has been widely popular in our modern culture, particularly in the world of science fiction.

The cult-favorite movie The Matrix (1999), for example, has parallels to the Gnostic worldview and the idea that we are unwitting captives of an exploitative system of manipulation. In this movie, the human race has long been controlled by a cold, soulless world of machines and artificial intelligence. The reality of this is not seen because we are kept within a simulated consciousness zone, a “matrix,” where it is all just business as usual.

This movie has often been referred to as a point of reference to what some believe is our dystopian world. Indeed, science fiction might be a helpful lens to better understand what the Deep Christ was talking about. Are we living in an artificial reality orchestrated behind the scenes by invisible overlords?

This is difficult material that can turn the stomach of even the most ardent science fiction fans. However, I urge the reader to remember here that although there are layers of control that keep us disempowered, we have human potential as part of the very fabric of our DNA that offers us the possibility for immense transformational change. The irony is that, although we have this inner spark, we have been led to believe that it doesn’t exist.

Instead of seeing Neo (played by Keanu Reeves) as a Messianic figure called “the One,” it is helpful to see him rather as an archetypal figure who represents the potential in all of us, in so far as we are able to step outside of the conditioning and manipulations of our captors. Rather than praising Neo as a gravity-defying ninja superhero, he is an example of Everyman, coming into a realization and the manifestation of his true potential, with Wisdom and Love being his greatest weapons.

The phenomenal movie Intersteller (2014) might come closer to the truth of this “Gnostic concept of Sophia,” showing that we, as higher dimensional Children of Light, are the ones who are here to help we humans to step into the next phase of our evolution.

Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) navigating the

tesseract 4th dimensional time portals to

communicate with his daughter.

Struggles for equality and justice are being waged between various sectors of our culture, such as within race, gender, and economic class. However, in the big scheme of things, according to these mysteries, it is humanity as a whole that is struggling to not only rediscover but liberate our dormant sparks from an age-old quarantine. This strategy of keeping us dumbed down within economic and cultural systems where we are pitted against each other has been operating in innumerable ways for much of our civilization’s history.

The more I become aware of this bigger picture, both in the world and in my own personal life, the more I see how this is an epic struggle, a liberation movement for all of humanity. This is a vision that sees beyond small-scale reforms that keep us stuck in the same old game. It points toward an evolutionary leap of our latent potential that can come to fruition within higher levels of consciousness and cohabitation. As Nina Simone sings, “A New World is A’Comin’.”


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